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    Escort Services From The Past

    Golf is traditionally a gentleman's activity. Though the many years have brought equal rights and now a girl is entitled to play just as considerably as a gentleman, there is still an underlying concept that the activity is intended for men. In fact, there have been rumours that the word alone stands for "Gentlemen Only, Women Forbidden" but there is no proof to demonstrate this. Some dismiss it as an urban legend, but this doesn't adjust some attitudes which stay chauvinistic on the subject.

    A type escort agency has stirred issues up on the golf course not long ago by presenting stunning feminine escorts to accompany gentlemen throughout the video game as their extremely very own sexy caddie. The agency is called "Eye Candy Caddies" and allows golfing consumers to select a model from the site to accompany them about the training course. Each and every woman is taught standard golfing etiquette, and they have been in existence on the fairways for 5 years so significantly in the United Kingdom, Eire and in Spain.

    Eye Candy Caddies was designed by an ex model named Sarah Stacey, now 43. She makes use of designs from her personal roster and hopes to make golfing more glamorous. Douleur designs had been as soon as provided as well, but there was no market for them so now only feminine caddies are provided.

    Now, 4 clubs located in the home counties have made a decision to make a stand and have accused the model agency of “exploiting outmoded notions” with regards to the sport. British golfers have worked tough to shake off the sexist stigma and don't would like to have this jeopardised. 'Leaderboard Golf' manages golfing clubs in Kent, Hampshire, Oxfordshire and East Sussex have condemned Stacey's services and have banned any of these caddie girls from their clubs. They are concerned that the use of sexy women on the golfing program will harm the status of the activity, and could be observed as offensive and non-inclusive.

    Some golf club members (who do not wish to be named) are unhappy at the choice, and imagine that they should be in a position to decide on their personal golfing partner considering the volume of cash they invest on membership. 'Eye Candy Caddies' is still energetic and carries on striving to give the most stunning caddies in Europe with the absence of levels of competition in this subject, they are more than likely to be effective!


    Added by Bernice & Valentin on Tue, Jul 3rd 2012